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      Chinese | EngishNational Service Hotline:+86-0592-5919855

      Xiamen Kelungde Env. Engineering Co., Ltd.


      Tel:+86 0592- 5919855/5915855


      MB:+86 13806020340

      E-mail:kelungde@163.com    wakerobin@163.com



      Winning Reputation by Expertise   Winning Praise by Integrity

      Corporate Culture

      Business Philosophy: Integrity, Cooperation, Honesty, Sincerity & Mutual Benefit

      Quality Policy: Customer First, Sincere Service, Constant Improvement & Excellence

      Service Tenet: user satisfaction as the standard, progress with customer


      2015: Launched in-situ nutrients analyzer independently developed.

      2014: Pioneer to accomplish & put into formal operation for the construction of the pilot project of card-swiping sewage discharge monitoring system in Fujian Province.

      2013: Launched aquaculture monitoring and oceanographic environment monitoring system.

      2012: Presented the whole solution of industrial park environmental protection and implemented for several large-scale industrial parks.

      2009: Established Xiamen XSD Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. to specialize in the R&D and manufacture instrument and equipment.

      2003: Established Xiamen Qipu Information Technology Co., Ltd. to specialize in design and development of data transmission software platform.

      2001: Started to specialize in on-line monitoring system for pollution source.

      1998: Founded the company Xiamen Kelungde Env. Engineering Co., Ltd.

      Monitoring System

      Surface Water Quality Auto-Monitoring System

      Groundwater Quality On-line Monitoring System

      Pollution Source (Wastewater) On-line Monitoring System

      Central Monitoring Platform Software System

      Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring System

      Coastal & Lake Environmental Monitoring System

      Sewage Treatment Project

      Soil & Groundwater Remediation System

      Air Quality Monitoring System

      Continuous Emission Monitoring System

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